Tickets are $100 each.  Get one on your own or get a group together.
Take a chance and help us support this wonderful cause
Tickets are available at Progressive Motorsports


2015 Running Total of Donations:



We have changed the format for this years Purple Ribbon Ride.  We hope that you will
all enjoy it and participate as in years past.
Please click the link below for the information on the changes.

2015 Purple Ribbon Ride Format Link


The Purple Ribbon Ride is proud to announce that this years run will benefit:

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Thanks to our very proud sponsors!  We couldn't do this without the riders and our sponsors!



Wellers Auto Parts 

Hudson Falls, NY




Woodward Equipment Company

Fort Ann, NY 12827




Parker's Dairy

Taylor Hill Rd

Granville, NY12832

(518) 642-9303



Watch Entertainment Inc

John Cusimano & Rachael Ray



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